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Massage Therapy


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Whether you seek relaxation, stress relief, pain management, or overall wellness – our massage therapy services are designed to address your unique concerns.

Massage Therapy

Our Service

Rejuvenate Your Senses: Unwind and Recharge with Blissful Spa Massage Services

Massage therapy at TruBliss is a transformative experience that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit.

Our highly skilled and licensed massage therapists are dedicated to providing you with a personalized and rejuvenating session tailored to your specific needs. Our spa is committed to using only the finest quality massage oils, lotions, and aromatherapy blends, carefully selected for their nourishing and therapeutic properties. These premium products work harmoniously with our therapists' skilled hands, enhancing each massage session's healing and relaxation benefits.

We offer a variety of massage techniques, including deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, and more.

mother retreat with hot stone Massage

Indulge in Serenity: Personalized Spa Massages Tailored to Your Blissful Escape

During your massage session, our therapists will create a serene and tranquil environment, allowing you to unwind and release tension.

They will use their expertise to apply the right amount of pressure and techniques to release muscle tension, improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and enhance overall well-being.

Whether you're visiting us for a single session or incorporating regular massage therapy into your self-care routine, our goal is to provide a blissful experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and restored.

We currently have 4 Incredibly Talented RMT’s (Registered Massage Therapy)

Receipt Provided for Insurance /  We do not currently have Direct Billing

**Please be sure to request if your preference is Male or Female**

30 min $90 / 45 min $100 / 60 min $115 / 75 min $130 / 90 mins $150 / 2 hours $215

Lymphatic Drainage and Hot Stone 60 min  $135 / 90 min $175

Add Cupping: $15

Add Hot Stone: $15

Add Aromatherapy: $15 (Young Living, Pure, Therapeutic Quality Grade Essential Oils)

**Please be sure to request if your preference is Male or Female**


Performed By A Spa Therapist (Non RMT) This slower-paced massage using lighter to medium pressure is an indulgent experience designed for stress relief, helping both the body and mind relax. The treatment is provided by one of our Spa Therapists, not a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and is not covered by insurance.

60 Min / $95 • 90 Min / $130

Add  Pure Therapeutic Quality Grade Young Living Essential Oils: $15

Performed By A Spa Therapist (Non RMT)
60 Min / $110 • 90 Mi n / $145

Helps with circulation, soothes and relaxes muscles, helps with hydrating and flushing cells.

Add Pure Therapeutic Quality Grade Essential Oils $15

Detoxifies the body, relaxes the system, and stimulates the nervous system.

Includes and Organic Foot Scrub and Soak, Relaxing Leg and Foot Massage. Pressure Points Foot Massage.

60Min Foot Ritual + Scrub + reflexology $125

Elevate Your Spa Experience: Discover Why Our Clients Choose Us for Luxury and Serenity

Our Massage Therapy Services in Woodridge, Vaughan guarantee exceptional results and care. Please book an appointment today and let our skilled team handle all your needs.

I’ve been getting massages for over 15 years and this was by far the best deep tissue massage I’ve received. Their RMT (Welbit) was amazing, focused on the right spots and gave me great suggestions for relieving muscle tension. Moreover, their staff is welcoming and professional. Will definitely go back

Steevens Audige


LOVE LOVE LOVE this spa! I have been going to TruBliss for almost a year. The 90 minute Eminence Facial and 90 minute Coconut Body Scrub is the best. Highly recommend Katriena. Rosemary is a gem. This place is clean, inviting and has a calming atmosphere. Great service and staff. I would highly recommend TruBliss to anyone. Great experience.

Anna Fuci


I am so happy I found this spa!! It is a complete gem: the receptionists are amazing and extremely caring and friendly; the place is so relaxing and incredibly clean and welcoming; and my spa therapist: Katerina, is top-notch!! Forget going to other spas- hands down: his place is it!!

I have already booked another facial and massage, and TruBliss is my go-to spa from now on!!

Helen Chow


I Love this place! I have been coming here for relaxation messages for years and decided to go for a facial, my 1st Facial in over 20 years! and it was amazing! Diana was so sweet and made me feel like I was on a 5 star vacation, the facilities are so clean and the staff is so welcoming, can’t wait to come back again!!!

Susan Tannous

New Client

Amazing service, professional and friendly. Katerina is a great professional and made me very comfortable with my treatments . I’ve done 4 treatments of laser on the face and I see amazing results already. I recommended my family for laser and they are all happy with there results . Katerina takes ample amount of time on each section on the face. Top of the line machine with excellent customer service, I highly recommend Trubliss to anyone who wants quality service , and profound results!

Anna-Maire Ruffolo


The team at Trubliss is by far superior to any other spa team I have been at. From the front desk experience, to the cleanliness of the rooms and amenities to the ambiance. The RMT services I receive are by Sineesh who is one of the best RMT’s I have ever had. If you are looking for a spa that will treat you like you are the only client they have and provides top level experience at reasonable prices then Trubliss is your go to spa.

Sandra in the Sity The Coach



RMTs perform registered Massage Therapy and may be covered by insurance, while Spa Therapists provide Spa Relaxation massage and are not covered by insurance.


The duration options vary from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your preference and availability.

Yes, we have both male and female massage therapists. Please let us know your preference when booking

Yes, we provide receipts for Registered Massage Therapy sessions that may be eligible for insurance reimbursement.

During a hot stone massage, the therapist will heat the stones in the water to a safe and comfortable temperature. They will then place the rocks strategically on different body parts, such as along the spine, on the palms of the hands, or between the toes. The therapist may also hold the stones and apply gentle pressure or massage strokes on the muscles.

Yes, you can enhance your massage experience by adding cupping or hot stones for an additional fee of $15 each.

Yes, you can add Pure Therapeutic Quality Grade Young Living Essential Oils to your Spa Relaxation Massage for an additional charge of $15.

Hot Stone Massage helps improve circulation, relax muscles, and provides hydration and cell rejuvenation.

The Ayurvedic Foot Ritual includes an organic foot scrub and soak, a relaxing leg and foot massage, and a pressure point foot massage. It aims to detoxify the body, promote relaxation, and stimulate the nervous system.

The level of undressing depends on your comfort level and the type of massage you’re receiving. Most massage therapies are performed with clients undressed to their comfort level while maintaining privacy. Usually, you will be covered with a sheet or towel, and only the areas being worked on will be exposed.

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