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What is the best spa treatment for wrinkles?

Fine lines and wrinkles appear when the muscles inside the face stretch out, giving the effect of aging. While some people may be content with those, wrinkles aren’t exactly the prettiest thing; in fact, they can affect the presentability of a person, making them look aged. However, fret no more: wrinkles can be removed. There isn’t a treatment for wrinkles per se, but they can be reduced and removed from the face. Today, we’ll be looking at the best spa treatment for wrinkles that you can have, which will make you look young again.

All of these spa treatments include skin treatments that go deep into the skin tissue to ensure that the appearance of wrinkles is reduced. Whether its Botox or any other treatment involving the body’s natural healing ability, these will make sure that not only are the wrinkles gone, but they stay gone for the foreseeable future, meaning that you keep looking good and young.

Let’s start with what actually causes wrinkles before getting into the best spa treatments for wrinkles.

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles are commonly associated with the passing of time, or aging, however, aging is just a factor when it comes to wrinkling of the skin. The reason why wrinkles appear on the skin is because the facial muscles that hold up the skin tighten after repeated cycles of relaxing and contracting over time, thus the skin over the muscles is permanently contracted as well, which appears on the face as wrinkles or fine lines. The spa treatments are good because they do not solve the problem on the surface, but rather go deep into the skin to resolve the issue from the root, rather than just getting rid of the wrinkles on the surface and calling it a day. Which is why, the results from spa treatments of wrinkles stay for months at a time. And very rarely do we see the treatments not giving the desired results. 

The best spa treatments for wrinkles

The following are some of the best spa treatments for wrinkles that can make those fine lines and wrinkles go away and make you look pretty again. 


Botox is the most popular spa treatment for wrinkles out there. Botox injections have been in consistent use for quite a long time now, making it one of the most reliable treatments out there for wrinkles. The application process is simple: Botox is injected into specific facial muscles, preventing them from contracting. Staying relaxed, the wrinkles and fine lines are then taken care of, as they ease away. Botox injections and their applications take only minutes, and results are visible in around a week or so. Once the wrinkles and fine lines are gone, they stay gone for months at a time, after which, you can always get another Botox injection round. Considering the effectiveness of this treatment, its prevalence, and its results, with almost no side-effects, we’d bet Botox is the best spa treatment there is for wrinkles. 


Micro-needling is another process that is fast catching up with Botox as the best spa treatment for wrinkles, with results that are well, life-changing for some people. As the name implies, microneedling involves the piercing of the skin with small, micro dermal needles that are supposed to trigger a healing process, which then also takes care of the wrinkles and the fine lines. While the description might sound a bit painful; who would undergo having their skin pierced, but the fact is, that it really isn’t. The needles are quite small, around 2.5mm in diameter, and they only pierce the surface of the skin to trigger the collagen reaction. The feeling is described as harmless pricks, which can help explain why people can go for repeat procedures. The needles trigger the reaction, which releases collagen and elastin, which helps ease the facial muscles causing the wrinkles. 


Dermaplaning is a newer treatment and consists of a facial that softens and improves the texture and feel of the skin, making the wrinkles and any fine lines go away. It removes the dead skin cells and the fine facial hairs of the skin and exfoliates it in such a way that the wrinkles and fine lines are removed and stay removed for months at a time. The procedure is non-invasive and does not really require any significant preparation. The turnaround time is really impressive too; while the effects of dermaplaning stay for months at a time, the process is simple and painless enough that dermaplaning can be repeated every three to four weeks, and procedures done by professionals will leave your skin looking fresh and new, without any underlying signs of wrinkling and/ or fine lines. 

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers involve the same concept as Botox but does not actually use the compound. Instead, dermal fillers are compounds other than Botox that are injected under the skin to make it look plump and young. While Botox severs the chemical connection between the facial muscles and the mechanism that either stiffens or relaxes the muscles, dermal fillers simply fill out the skin from underneath to give it a plumper, healthier look. A plump look means that the wrinkles and fine lines are gone. 

Chemical peels

Many chemical peels offer a rejuvenated skin and zero wrinkles and fine lines after a thorough exfoliation. These include a mixture of chemicals that are applied to the face, then kept on for around 15 to 20 minutes, and then removed, much like how a facial mask is used. This allows the chemicals to peel off the upper layer of the skin, which is usually a lot of dead skin cells. This removal of the skin allows for new, softer skin, with a better texture and with zero wrinkles or fine lines. The skin that comes up and grows will be a lot better after a chemical peel; however, this procedure cannot be repeated every day. Some turnaround time is required. 

CO2 laser treatment

Laser treatment is also very popular and a very effective spa treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. Laser penetrates the skin into the deeper layers and, while removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, heats up the deeper layers of the skin to trigger collagen and elastin production; this accelerates the rate at which the skin heals and is replaced by newer, healthier skin cells. This contributes a lot to the beautification of the skin, making it look plumper and fresher, while removing any signs at all of aging and muscle contraction underneath the skin, getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines altogether. 

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