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Tips for Treating Your Hormonal Acne- By Spa Experts

Sudden breakouts? Redness? Inflammation? We can surely relate. Women in their 20s and 30s often deal with hormonal acne, which comes uninvited. Honestly, life is unfair sometimes, especially when you get to deal with acne long after puberty. The reasons behind this unwanted acne vary depending on several factors. 

Read below to learn more about tips for treating this stubborn hormonal acne. 

What is Hormonal Acne?

Hormonal acne, sometimes called adult acne, typically affects women in their twenties and thirties and can manifest in various ways, including pimples, inflammation, or even rashes. Hormonal acne most commonly occurs when sebum, an oily material produced by skin glands, is overproduced and clogs the skin. Hormonal acne is treatable and can prevent further outbreaks; however, it is usually inevitable. The most common reasons behind hormonal acne include:

  • Excess sebum production
  • Bacterial infestation
  • Dead skin cells
  • PCOS
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep

Tips to Treat Hormonal Acne:

Eat and Drink Healthy:

    Believe us or not, diet plays a significant role in causing hormonal acne. The truth is that the real culprits are foods rich in sugar. These refined carbs cause an insulin spike in the body, increasing sebum production. Anyhow, all this can be controlled by maintaining a balanced diet that includes lots of water, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and healthy grains. Drink lots of water to get rid of toxins from the body, and eat a nutrient-rich diet to give your skin the necessary vitamins and minerals for health.

    Avoid Picking the Pimples:

      Yes, we know picking your pimples is quite a tempting task, but remember, doing so will just make the problem worse and maybe leave scars on the skin. Refrain from touching the pimples and let them go on their own. If you feel the pimple becoming painful day by day, consider consulting a dermatologist. 

      Limit Stress:

        Have you ever heard of stress-induced pimples? Well, the concept is valid. Always stressing over the slightest details has adverse effects on your mental health and your skin. When you stress over something, several hormones are released, which alert an inflammatory response in the body. This inflammation leads to acne, which causes the development of big, red pimples. To keep your skin clear of pimples and hormonal acne, people tend to forget about the importance of lowering stress. Hence, try to stay calm and avoid stressors.

        Maintain a Skincare Routine:

          Skincare is most important in keeping your skin clear and safe from unwanted breakouts. Don’t skip your skincare routine regardless of whether your skin stays clear and safe from pimples. This means you should keep applying a moisturizer, retinoid, exfoliant, and mask daily, in addition to your sunscreen or other UV protection. A consistent skincare routine does double duty as an acne healer and preventative measure by reducing the pores from getting blocked and promoting skin cell turnover.

          Try Light Therapy:

            Millions of people around the world who suffer from acne are unhappy with the outcomes of many tropical treatments. Dermatologists worldwide use LED light devices that destroy skin bacteria, among the most common causes of hormonal acne. Known by different names, including phototherapy, blue light, and red light, light therapy is a secure and effective treatment plan for the majority of patients suffering from unwanted hormonal acne.

            Invest in Chemical Peels:

              Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments performed by experts that use acids like AHAs, BHAs, and TCAs to exfoliate sun-damaged skin and remove discoloration, age spots, and layers of dead skin cells. Removing dead skin cells is the most common reason for getting chemical peels since this not only gives you a radiant look but also lowers the risk of acne in the short and long term.

              Go for Microdermabrasion:

                If you are looking for the best treatment for mild acne and associated acne scars, your best bet is microdermabrasion done by professionals. Microdermabrasion is generally a noninvasive cosmetic procedure that involves exfoliating your skin and removing the uppermost layer of the skin. Dermatologists and skin experts suggest microdermabrasion for treating acne or diminishing the scars left by acne. During the exfoliation treatment, the skin layer is removed along with whiteheads and blackheads, resulting in a smoother skin surface.

                Regulate Hormones With Oral Medication:

                  Since hormonal acne is caused by hormonal irregularities in the first place, targeting the main culprit and addressing these hormonal imbalances can significantly reduce acne breakouts. The best way is to take oral contraceptives since they help balance the hormones responsible for acne. These contraceptives or birth control pills decrease testosterone levels in the body, allowing your body’s regular hormonal cycle to regulate. 

                  Get Immediate, Positive Results- Visit Trubliss for Proven Hormonal Acne Treatments

                  Hormonal acne compromises your confidence, but choosing the right treatment plan can help you get healthier, clearer skin. If you are looking for a more holistic and luxurious way to treat hormonal acne, going to a spa that focuses on skincare can be a lifesaver. 

                  Trubliss, one of the best spas in Ontario, can help you say forever goodbye to hormonal acne by creating a customized treatment plan based on your skin’s needs. From soothing facials to acne treatments, including microdermabrasion and micro-needling, Trubliss offers a much-needed plan to boost your skincare regimen. So, are you ready to rejuvenate your skin and have healthier skin? Visit Trubliss right away. 

                  Frequently Asked Questions:

                  1. How can hormonal acne affect the skin?

                  Hormonal acne appears as breakouts. Although they appear as small bumps, they can enlarge and become cysts if left untreated. In rare cases, some people also witness scarring on their skin.

                  1. How long does hormonal acne last?

                  Acne treatments last differently for different people. For some, the acne might go away within a matter of days, while for others, it may last for months if left untreated. 

                  1. How long does it take for hormonal acne to go away?

                  Treating acne works differently for different people. After you start a course of treatment, it can take up to a month or more to see visible results. Even though you don’t notice any desirable changes to the skin after a few weeks, don’t discontinue the treatment, as your skin might take longer than usual. 

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