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Radiant skin secrets: tips you need to know to get flawless skin

Who does not want themselves looking pretty and radiant all the time? The most noticeable part, when we talk about beauty in general, is the skin. Since it covers all of our body, your skin is the first thing that is noticed and plays an important part in conveying the beauty or radiance of a person. As such, taking good care of your skin is crucial if you want to look pretty, youthful and just a glowing person. Let’s look at some of the radiant skin secrets and tips that you can utilize to get a flawless skin that accentuates your beauty and takes off the years and the tiredness from your appearance. 

The first thing, before we start with the radiant skin secrets that will provide you with excellent skin rejuvenation, is to make sure that you understand the importance of having natural skincare regimens and elements for yourself, preferably in a spa-like environment, with an expert present. This will ensure that nothing is overdone, and only what is necessary is applied to your skin. Since these are treatments and herbs that are best known by the experts, trust places like Trubliss to give you a complete makeover for a glowing skin.

Let’s start with some radiant skin secrets and some tips that you should know about. 

Radiant skin secrets unveiled

Here are some radiant skin secrets that will use natural skin care regimen to give you lovely youthful skin so that you’re back to looking like your younger, much more beautiful self. 


Hydration is key to unlocking beautiful and youthful skin; we’re not sure why this is supposed to be a secret, but enough people are confused about it that we need to set the record straight. If you want glowing skin, ensure ample hydration and moisturization. We humans are 70 per cent water, and most of what gives shape to our skin cells and helps them stay alive and radiant themselves is water, and if you are depriving yourself of it, there’s no way your skin will look good without it. Drink lots of water, moisturize your skin frequently, and for a pro tip: use warm or lukewarm water. Not cold, not hot. Warm water moisturization and hydration will give you the best results and will turn your skin beautiful.

Gentle cleansing

A lot of people are aware of cleansing, but then they forget that this is their skin and not a rug. Treating your skin to harsh chemicals and even harsher cleansing methods will only take the shine away, not put it in. Which means that the more gentle you are with your skin, the less tugging and stress it will be under, and the more radiant skin you will have. Start by a soft exfoliation and gentle cleansing washes like scrubs and face washes, and ensure that these products are natural and treat your skin organically. Use sponges and be gentle with them; exfoliation, while in itself a very beneficial method for skin rejuvenation, needs to be soft. Harsh or rough rejuvenation will only shave off skin cells unnecessarily, further taking the radiance out of the skin. 

Vitamin C

While all vitamins are great for the body, a lot of scientific research and evidence backs the fact that when it comes to a radiant and youthful skin, no vitamin is better than vitamin C. This is because it is an antioxidant that protects the skin from sun damage and any environmental damage the skin might experience, and also against free radicals and chemical particles that can really make the skin look old, loose and ‘tired’, so to speak. For rejuvenation purposes and effects, vitamin C is your best friend, and both facial application and oral ingestion will help your skin look its best and make you look and feel a lot younger and more beautiful. 

Chemical exfoliation

The jury is still out on whether it’s physical exfoliation that is the best, or chemical exfoliation that has the upper hand in results. One thing is for sure: spa treatments that use chemical exfoliation return way better results than those using physical exfoliation. That is because while physical exfoliation methods only remove the oily blackheads and open up the pores by removing dirt, chemical exfoliation does one better and gets to the root of the problem (literally) by penetrating the skin tissue and opening and cleansing the pore deeply, removing even traces of oil and any elements that might cause the blockage of pores. Use light, soft-acting chemical scrubs for your exfoliation and watch your skin glow.

Sunscreen/ SPF protection

The sun is your friend, because you get vitamin D from it. However, the sun is also the same ‘friend’ which emits harmful UV rays that damage skin cells and affect the skin and its appearance quite badly. The solution is simple. Sunscreen or SPF protection. Skincare experts and dermatologists will tell you to apply a minimum of SPF 30 everyday, especially if your job involves extended periods of working with exposed sunlight. Even if it doesn’t, prolonged exposure during, say, your morning run will still affect your skin’s radiance and appearance, which is why sunscreen is imperative for a radiant skin. Use moderately though; excess of anything is bad, and sunscreen is essentially chemical, so only use as prescribed and with moderation. 


Beauty is skin deep, and you can’t physically access skin-deep. However, your body regulates your skin tissue, and whatever you put in your body as food will certainly show up on your skin. If your diet consists solely of cheeseburgers and fried items, prepare for some really oily skin. On the other hand, if your diet is full of leafy vegetables, lean meats and fruits with good water, fiber and nutrient content, your skin will show it. Beautiful, taut and youthful skin with a vibrancy to it. Take care of your diet and your diet will automatically take care of your skin. It’s as simple as that, and you wont need to do anything else to keep your skin looking like 21 again. 

Aerobic exercise

Just like how good and healthy food will keep your skin looking beautiful, so will exercise. Getting ample exercise will not only increase the blood flow to the skin (thereby making it more radiant), but it will also allow for the release of good hormones that will keep your face and your skin looking fresh. Sweating out during exercise will open up your pores, and this would constitute good natural exfoliation that makes your skin look naturally beautiful and fresh. Again, take care of your body and your body will take care of your skin. 


If vitamin C has antioxidants that give your skin a rejuvenating effect and rids it of harmful particles, why not cut the middleman then? We’re kidding; vitamin C on its own is very beneficial for your skin. But if you were to take vitamin C with antioxidants, for example, those present in fruits like berries and certain vegetables, well then we’re talking about a huge appearance boost for your skin. Antioxidants, as explained beforehand, rid your skin of free radicals that affect your skin and protect from environmental damage, so, taking antioxidants especially from fruits will make your skin beautiful and vibrant again, and will do so naturally without any side effects. 


Finally, something that is unfortunately overlooked by a lot of people. Sleep is your body’s way of recovering from all the beating it takes throughout the day. And no other part takes more beating than the skin. If you put on a facial mask before you go to sleep and then you don’t go to sleep, the mask won’t have any effect on the skin, because it did not get a chance to repair itself. By taking in more sleep and allowing your skin to rest and recover, you are automatically making your skin better and beautiful. Add in all these secrets, all these skin regiments discussed beforehand, and you better get ready for some seriously awe-inspiring and vibrant skin that leaves everyone impressed. 

Trubliss: for your skin to look absolutely jaw-dropping

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