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Glowing Into The New Year- Birthday Spa Treats Just For You!

The new year is just around the corner, and nothing’s better than treating yourself to spa services! These services help you forget the chaotic world and focus on your inner peace. Spas allow you to shine and bring out the confident version of yourself. However, when we generally think of a spa service, the first thing that comes to mind is a massage, but is it so? You need to find a spa worth every penny and offer many services. To help you through this, we suggest you visit Trubliss, which provides much more than just massages. Stop worrying and say hello to the new year with a relaxed version of yourself only at Trubliss! 

In this blog post below, we shall walk you through how Trubliss will help you glow in the new year by offering special birthday spa treats.

How Do You Welcome the New Year With a Glowing You?

The best way to welcome the new year is to book yourself for a spa treatment at Trubliss! You can enjoy a comprehensive array of services catering to your every need! From massages to waxing, you name it, and Trubliss offers it!

Say Hello to Rejuvenation and Radiance With Our Spa Services: 

Trubliss is not just about body massages and scrubbing. We offer services like none other. Though we have a never-ending list of services, here are a few you can enjoy at a discount as a birthday spa treat:


With precision and care, say goodbye to unsightly hair. Waxing at Trubliss is guaranteed to be painless and luxurious because they only use the highest quality materials and methods. The talented estheticians at Trubliss will revitalize your look from head to toe, boosting your self-esteem.


We delve deep to restore body and spirit with treatments like Indian head massage and raindrop therapy. You will feel centered and tranquil after a treatment session with the skilled practitioners at Trubliss since they customize it to your needs.

Body Services:

Body wraps, scrubs, and massages are some of our many body services. We can release stress and enjoy serenity with our body treatments. 

Laser Hair Removal:

Trubliss offers a Laser Hair Removal treatment for those sick of dealing with unsightly hair. This cutting-edge method is almost painless and selectively destroys hair follicles, resulting in silky, hair-free skin. 


Indulge in a rejuvenating facial at Trubliss that focuses on your specific skin issues for a healthy glow. We also offer a sumptuous body facial treatment, where trained professionals use high-quality products to relax your muscles and reveal radiant skin. 

Dive Into Our Spa Packages:

Are you on a day off and need to relax completely? You need to book a spa package appointment at Trublis!

We offer three types of spa packages depending on the kind of treatment. However, regardless of your chosen package, our experts will ensure you get preeminent care and attention. By the end of each treatment, you are satisfied and dive deep into pure happiness. 

Blissful Get-A-Way: 

As the name indicates, a blissful getaway allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This package offers a 60-minute Eminence Organics Facial that brings out your flawless skin, followed by a 30-minute Relaxation Massage to release the muscular tension and help you relax. 

Soothe Your Soul Package:

Soothe your soul package does calm your inner self. This package includes a 60-minute Aromatherapy Spa Massage that relaxes your mind and your body. This is followed by a 30-minute Eminence Organics Facial and 30-minute Indian Head Massage to release stress and tension for an overall glowing look. 

Retreat Into Bliss: 

If you want a luxurious treatment, this one’s for you. Retreat into Bliss includes a 60-minute Eminence Organics Facial to help your skin glow, followed by a 60-minute body scrub to exfoliate your body gently. And lastly, a 60-minute Spa Relaxation Massage to help you forget the world around you! 

Birthday Spa Treats Only For You!

At Trubliss, we strive to make our customers feel relaxed and enjoy a kind experience. With our services, enjoy relaxation and radiance on a whole new level and give yourself a break from the world! You and your friends and family can also avail of birthday spa treats at Trubliss, where we offer discounts on spa services and packages! 

Only at Trubliss can you enjoy a jaw-dropping discount of 40% on spa services and spa packages! All you need to do is book an appointment before your birthday, and we will make sure your day is memorable.

Can’t you visit on your birthday? No worries! We completely understand that birthdays come once a year, and everyone has so much to do on those days, so we offer our clients the same discount up to 30 days after their birthday! Sounds like a dream come true, right? 

Benefit from our birthday spa treats anytime, Sunday to Monday, during spa hours. Schedule an appointment right away!

Find All the Amazing Birthday Spa Treats Under A Single Roof- Only at Trubliss!

Embrace the new year with new you! Treat yourself like a queen and visit Trubliss for a real ‘True Bliss’ experience. Indulge in various spa services and packages to make your new year’s start memorable. 

And remember! With Trubliss birthday spa treats, you can now enjoy 40% off on spa services and packages, whichever you like! Reserve a spa day today and embark on a relaxation, renewal, and exploration path. We wish you many more years of good health, joy, and radiance! 

So what’s stopping you? There’s no better time to visit Trubliss than to book an appointment immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I avail my birthday spa treats without any prior appointment?

At Trubliss, although we welcome walk-in customers, we appreciate it when our clients book an appointment for birthday spa treats beforehand. Since we want you to have the best spa experience possible on your birthday and avoid any waiting time, we request you to book yourself in advance. 

Can I visit Trubliss even if I have sensitive skin?

Why not? At Trubliss, we offer premium quality services for our clients, which means that for every service, only top-notch products are used. Our experts are familiar with different skin types and shall cater to you as per your requirements. Furthermore, you can always discuss your concerns with our experts before an appointment or procedure.

How do I contact Trubliss for more information?

Contacting Trubliss is a breeze! To book your appointment or contact the staff at Trubliss, you can contact us through our email or phone number. 


Contact Number: (905) 850-2617


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