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Indian Head Massage: A Relaxing & Therapeutic Treatment

We’ve all been feeling a little more stressed than usual lately. Sometimes, it comes as muscle stiffness in your neck and shoulders. Spending long hours slumped over a screen or simply relaxing while using our phones to unwind in the evening doesn’t help.

Unfortunately, this stored tension causes many chronic headaches, migraines, and sleeplessness.

Have you ever heard of the incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating experience of an Indian Head Massage? If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat! It’s an excellent way to unwind and release all that built-up stress and tension from our busy lives.

Introduced to Western countries in the 1970s, it has continued to gain popularity ever since.

This blog post will delve into Why should you try it?

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is an Ayurvedic relaxing and therapeutic treatment that involves applying massage techniques to the upper back, arms, head, neck, and face, with or without using oils. The primary aim is to release any obstructions in the meridians, or energy channels, which are believed to lead to the accumulation of negative energy responsible for various ailments. When the energy flow is hindered, it can result in everyday issues like stress and pain.

The massage stimulates the nerves in the head region, inducing a profound sense of relaxation that positively impacts mental and physical well-being. Additionally, it promotes better circulation, exfoliates the scalp, and nourishes the hair, adding to its overall therapeutic benefits.

Why is Indian Head Massage a Relaxing & Therapeutic Treatment?

Physical Benefits of Indian Head Massage 

  • The massage helps release tension throughout the body, making you feel more relaxed and at ease.
  •  Tense muscles are eased and relieved, increasing flexibility and reducing discomfort.
  • By working on the skin, muscles, blood vessels, and lymphatics, the massage enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, facilitating the swift elimination of toxins from the body.
  • The treatment can contribute to improved joint mobility and flexibility.
  • Indian Head Massage promotes healthier hair growth through enhanced scalp circulation and nourishment.
  • This massage technique can relieve headaches, eye strain, sinusitis, jaw ache, and tinnitus, providing a soothing effect.
  • Regular sessions of Indian Head Massage have been associated with better sleep patterns, aiding in achieving a more restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Psychological Benefits of Indian Head Massage 

Engage yourself in the relaxing experience of Indian Head Massage, and let its nonverbal language of touch provide you with many psychological advantages.

  • It significantly decreases anxiety and stress as the massage helps release built-up tension and promotes relaxation.
  • The massage allows you to feel a profound sense of well-being and contentment after a session as the massage works magic on your body and mind.
  • Enjoy a comforting sensation as the massage gently stimulates the sensory nerve endings in your skin, offering a reassuring feeling.
  • Drift into a state of pure relaxation, as the massage techniques target areas that hold stress, allowing you to unwind completely.
  • Indian Head Massage has been known to provide relief from feelings of depression, helping to lift your spirits and improve your mood.
  • Experience a revitalizing effect on your mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

What to Expect from Indian Head Massage?

An Indian head massage typically lasts 25 to 45 minutes, providing a delightful and relaxing experience. Before the session begins, your therapist will chat with you to understand your lifestyle, any specific aches or pains you might have, and any medical treatments or medications you are undergoing. This helps tailor the massage to your needs, including the choice of oils and techniques.

Indian Head Massage

Expect nourishing oils to be gently massaged into your scalp during the massage. The therapist may inquire about your hair type, whether dry, greasy, or normal, to use the most suitable oil to enhance your hair’s shine and texture. 

If you have concerns like dandruff or thinning hair, mention them, as some oils can be particularly helpful in improving these conditions.

While some parts of the massage, like the scalp, might feel firm and unusual initially, stick with it, as the overall experience will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and serene. The results are worth it, and you’ll likely experience a sense of rejuvenation.

 Tip for you! Allow yourself to embrace the moment and let go of any worries fully. Trust in the hands of your skilled therapist, and you’ll emerge from the session feeling refreshed and revitalized.

 Enjoy the blissful experience of Indian head massage at TruBliss. We offer a satisfying treatment to reduce tension in the upper back, décolleté, scalp, and face with a modern twist.


30 minutes: $60

60 minutes:$120

Good Luck!

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